Switches, Routers, and Modems, oh my

Okay I am new to the forums, and i had a question, I am in school learning about Cisco routers, switches, and topologies; anyhow I was wanting to get a managed switch for my home network, but would it be best to get something I have worked with before? Such as a Cisco catalyst 2950 or something else? On a side note i was interested in something like this... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cisco-CCENT-CCNA-Home-Practice-Lab-Kit-2x2610-2950-24-CCNA1-ICND1-2-/111133874079?pt=US_Wired_Routers&hash=item19e018579f 

My next question is seeing as i really do want to study for my ccent and then eventually my ccna what ios would i need on the routers and switches? thanks in advanced

Not sure this will be fancy enough for your use but if you are just looking for a switch for home to mess around with, I can personally say the Linksys LGS308 is a nice switch for the price