Swedish telecom prices look good in an international comparison

I thought you guys should know the status of telecom and broadband comparisons so you know how much it should cost.

Here is the Swedish article from PTS Sweden.

Here is the PTS Sweden report.

All in english for your reading pleasure.

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Is it just me.or do they all seem to have swung to lign up almost perfectly on a line. USA came down and Japan came up to match up just right.

Eventually the price should stabilize at the correct price if the market pricing works.
Japans economy is hurting bad so all their prices will go up.

This is how it should be in a modern society; not only affordable prices but generally access to services -with options to choose service providers, should be available no matter where you live.

I don't know about other countries laws and regulations but at least in Finland connectivity has been a necessity from the early 2000's like electricity and water every household must be able to have access to affordably.

100/100 Mbit/s 89 kr (10USD)

10/10 Mbit/s 59 kr(6.8USD)

5/5 Mbit/s 49 kr(5.7USD)

1/1 Mbit/s 39 kr (4.5%USD)
Some prices USD/Month, 1 month cancellation time, available to me(Swedish) as a student at an, according to me good provider(Bahnhof), although I currently have 10/10Mbit included in the rent, fibre is common in cities, (usually dug down together with direct heating by the county(taxpayers)), VPN 40kr(5USD) extra, I have not looked into Gbit yet.