Swapping AMD gpu for Nvidia gpu driver issues

Hi all,

So i built my friend a gaming rig a few weeks ago and he decided to replace the R9 280 with a gtx770, He uninstalled the old AMD drivers and set to installing the new 770.

Card installed he started to download and install the latest nvidia drivers 340.52 and started to run into problems straight away.

During the install it would hang very close to the beginning of the process and then proceeded to stop responding leaving the only option to terminate the process with task manager (and thus leaving fragments of partially installed files)

After cleaning up the partially installed drivers with a driver sweeper, we booted into safe mode and tried to install using that... SUCCESS! (or so we thought)

Booting back into normal windows now none of his games will boot and steam wont even open. Also when trying to restart or shutdown it now just hangs on the 'shutting down' screen.

any help would be appreciated.

system specs

amd 6300

gigabyte 970A-UD3P

8gb Crucial Balistix

1tb seagate barracuda

gtx 770

corsair cx700m psu

Should have stuck with the 280, it is better than the 770 and cheaper anyway. 


Now that I am done trolling and being a dick.


What did you use to remove the drivers?

Did you also make sure the clear the registry of driver information?

Do you have a back up of the system or a clean install?

Maybe a restore point back when he still had the 280?

Have you tried the 770 in another PC, maybe it is defective?

Other such questions?

The best thing to do if possible is to do a fresh install. Backup your documents and such.

I just did this with a sapphire 7770ghz to evga 660. 

hey guys thanks for replying

we removed the drivers using 'unistall programs' on Control Panel then cleaned everything up with 'Display Driver Uninstaller' but something still seems to be hanging about and causing a conflict (or at least that is what i can tell).

We tried to do a restore to like 2 days ago when he had the 280 but windows didnt seem to want to play ball (you know how it gets when its not getting its own way)

We're currently doing a back up of his games to do a fresh install but if we can find a faster solution in the meantime it would be greatly appreciated.




I just re read the first post. Go into safe mode and run DDU there. Then boot into regular mode and install the drivers.