Surplus Warz(Sorry Linus😅)

Lets get Cheap!! Budget Builds are a craze for reason and thats the most bang for the buck for gaming(and other interesting needs). But the Best way i see it really is getting a Surplus system.

Surplus systems are pretty cheap for what they really are worth, The iconic i5 2400 machines are based line for many Budget Builders alike because of how compatible it is with newer GPUs. But thats the problem, its iconic so people tend to price it higher that what the goldie locks price should be for most people.

In this video, Godfather wendell goes over a little bit about how some systems even when a bios updated it still has that problem of not booting with newer cards. So as Daddy wendell hinted again that there should be some website or an organized list of machines that are tested and see if there capable of newer series of cards so when people want to cheaper budget build that the usual craze of $500 xbone killers in late November (eventhough NO ONE COUNTS THE MEMBERISHIP PRICE because its an extra $60). Hopefully someday we can have a website name cough**coughSurplusWars is a good name for it*cough**cough* that we can theoretically build that houses a gtx 1080 and can be a "560 dollar budget build"

Also Does anyone know any specific machines that are capable of powering newer cards that are cureent today?