Surface pro 2, worth for an IT student?

So on your last TEK I saw that Wendell had the old surface pro , and i was interested for his opinion and logan's to tell me if it is worth buying the new one as a student in IT my main subjects are programming and it is a pain to carry my laptop all day long. It is worth the price? I have seen other solution like Sony Vivo and Lenovo Yoga but for the same price the surface pro 2 Seems to be the winner. What is your point of view ? 

It looks pretty good, but have a charger with you because even with a Haswell chip won't keep you alive forever. I would also recommend bumping up the storage to 128 gigs and get an external hard drive. My next thing would be to get a monitor. 10in is pretty small and you will want more screen real estate to work with. This is a pretty big list so if you have extra cash maybe, but I would still go for a laptop. It will have more storage and a larger built in screen.