Surface mount resistor chipped

I was doing a test fit of my current setup into a new case + AIO cooler and whoopsied a SMD resistor. I tried to get an Ohm reading, but little guy tuckered out. Is there a repository of motherboard schematics somewhere or am i just boned? MOBO was an ASUS 890gx pro-3 if that helps.

Find someone on the internet with the same mobo and ask for a pic of the area, to find the 3-digit code for the resistor value. Its incredibly unlikely you'll find a schematic for your motherboard, because sadly, most OEM's don't release them, and if they do get out (as is the case for most apple devices), it is because someone who had access to them (an employee) leaked them.

Can be tricky. Usually a chipped resistor is no big deal and it can be measured. Sometimes you get lucky and can find another motherboard and measure. Finally if you can read the code from it, you may be able to decode the resistance

i got it off the board to try and better measure it and no dice. it's one of those really tiny resistors that have no markings or color codes either. well the hype for ryzen is only getting stronger now! thanks for the input Bacon and Wendell :)

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Unfortunately motherboard schematics are tied up in a lot of IP .. see if you can find someone with an HD camera.. take a picture 25 degrees of top dead center above the motherboard and it should give you the best angle to see three digit code which will allow you to find the resistance.. you will and should be able to find the same resistor on digital key HOWEVER if you cannot .. find one with the same resistance and same level of error even if the theermal characteristics are not fully matched.. if that's the best you can do

Some stores, Fry's comes to mind, mount mobos on a wall for display purposes. If yours is a popular model, you may be able to see one at the store and snap a pic.

Come to think of it, NewEgg usually has high rez images on their site. Mind, they may not be good enough to identify the resister, but I'd certainly look, before tossing the mobo in the bin.

Sure is resistor and not capacitor?


holy cow! it is! i have always assumed those were resistors for some reason... i guess you can tell how clueless i am about surface mount stuff! well since it was a capacitor and not a resistor do i have more leeway with a replacement? i don't have a way to measure capacitance (or whats important). I guess at this point it's safe to say I know ALMOST enough to get myself into trouble. your correspondence is very appreciated! :D

Bigger is usually ok but you can get a meter at Lowe's or home depot or hardware stores to measure capacitance

Well I was unlucky locally. What should I order online? I have a cheapo multimeter, so should I go for a capacitance/ESR combo? I do repair TV power supplies pretty frequently, so the ESR would come in handy. what range of measurement should I look for in capacitance?

Can you snap a picture of it?

We might be able to identify it from that. If not, there is a high chance it is the same as it's buddies next to it on the board, so there is another option.

What meter are you using that can measure resistance, but not capacitance?

Anyways, I've heard good things about the Amprobe PM51A for a small multimeter.

For a fullsize unit I've been using my dad's Fluke 115 he bought many, many years ago.

That is a mlcc cap, right?

Yeah or a ceramic. You should still be able to measure it.
It might even still be good, maybe just some of the casing has been chipped off. These sort of caps are just metal plates with a dielectric between them, shouldn't be any electrolyte to worry about.

I hope there was no damage to the board where it came off, such as pulled up tracks etc. See if you can give it a clean with q tip & isopropyl alcohol and take some more pics to examine it.

If you don't have a multimeter, perhaps find a repair shop and might be able to use their equipment to measure it.


when i was putting the watercooler on the cpu i accidentally hit it and crossed my fingers that it would boot. it didn't, so i assumed that was the problem. i will probably buy a capacitance/ESR meter because i would use it for more than fixing this. i like to fix something old vs buying new and if i can't fix it i will probably just sell the cpu and save for ryzen.

Yeah strange, it looks like it is assiting a voltage regulator (it is in proximity of one). More often than not they will still work to some degree without a cap, just they may provide rough power. There could be additional damage you cannot see. You really need to pull off the CPU mounting hardware, clean the area up and have a good look with a microscope. Or just take some good pics with a mobile/digital camera and blow them up.

If you are brave, try soldering the cap back in place and see if it will post. If not, consider replacing the cap. Identify it, harvest some replacements from other equipment or get some off ebay.
If it will wont post after cap replacement, something else is wrong!

brave is my middle name! i resoldered it back on twice already before making this thread lol. no boot so i figured i damaged it good. i may put something in it that i know is overkill and try again. i just hope i didn't mess the pads up.

Well, since you are super brave, messing the pads up isn't the end of the world!
It just means you have to expose some of the traces and solder on some fine wire to hook the cap up. This is very small detailed work though, and a bit beyond my clumsy paws these days.
I would be thinking something else bad happened.. Hope you took ESD precautions.

ESD? is that the electric safety dance where you moonwalk across the carpet before touching the motherboard? XD