Surface book overheating in Linux Mint

Hi everyone

I have bought a Surfacebook 2 last September. Last week I installed Linux Mint cinnemon alongside Windows. I notice that Mint is actually overheating my System. 1 Core is always at 85% and the fans are making a ton of noise. when I boot Windows this dose not happen. Why is this and what can I do to change it, I like Mint but I don’t want to break my hardware.

Hope someone can help me.


Sounds like it is in software rendering mode. Do you have the proper display drivers working?

That wouldn’t spike a CPU to 85%.

You need to figure out what process is using all that CPU. Use top, then google that process name and the word CPU.

Use top, htop, or gnome-system-monitor to check which process are eating up your CPU time and google them. See what they are and what they’re doing