Suppose to get 144hz but only 60hz

I have a Asus VG248QE(the 24inch) monitor. It is suppose to be getting 144hz but the highest option that i can choose from is 60hz. I have R7970 on a M5A990 FX Pro 2.0 with AMD FX8350 running on stock clocks. FX8350 on 4.0ghz sometimes 4.1ghz and R7970 on 1150ghz. I have all of the updated drivers and used the DVI link that came with the monitor. I have looked over forums and have not found anything options. Any suggestions?

I would see if you can do it when selecting your resolution go to the advanced one and uncheck the hide refresh rates that moniter can not handle.

I did this as well and it showed rates below 50hz. Like 25hz, 29hz, and 30hz. 

Use Dual link DVI. NOT VGA, regular DVI, or HDMI. 

I have the middle two dual links in the middle on my R7970 and attempted both slots. Same results 60hz is the highest rate.

Have you installed your monitors drivers? I know it seems useless, but in windows update, it should allow you to get drivers for your specific monitor. It may need them. 

Ither than that, I have no idea, man.

Look up on site/box to see what is states about dvi outputs. Mine looked like the middle two on my msi 7970 lightning but the site and box clearly state single link and I have to use the mini display ports. I assume they just installed those types of connectors to give wider cable range but I don't truthfully know.

I have to rma my 7970 was thinking about going to that one. (hope it's my video card what a couple told me)

And I have the same monitor Tasty!

OH. I think something got confused. Does your CABLE have the dual link connections? I was asking about your Cable, not your GPU. 

I think this is the issue. This msi lightning is the card that i have and it does state single link dvi:/. Is there anything I can do to get that 144hz? Firmware or cable. 

My GPU has single link dvi and the Cable is dual link. 

Display port to DVI adapter. Make sure it's an "Active" adapter, though.

Is what I am picking up personally BTW having the same monitor the monitor does have a DP on it so as long as I haven't missed something here we should be good with this cable (and ya I know the gpu comes with a convertor but this just makes it easier) also it's like $8 bucks not too bad. and just a bonus note from what I've read it will carry the audio to your monitor as well (built in webcams and such too but we don't need that)