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Supermicro X10SRI-F vs Asus x99-ws/ipmi

Im looking for x99 ipmi motherboard. Which one of those would be better? Supermicro has legendarny quality but Asus seems to targeting more consument needs and maybe it would usefull since it wiil be also gaming machine?

Also im wondering should i take 8 core Xeon or 6core I7 like 6800k. I7 would be better in games but im going to use a bunch of vms (3 proxmox nodes + 4 ceph nodes + some Kubernetes nodes and some other stuff)

So, I haven’t used either of those but I have experienced a Supermicro board with that socket. The main problem for me was the extremely barebones BIOS. Things like fan control are just not a thing, it seemed.