Supermicro Motherboard HELP

Quick story and specs. Bought a Supermicro X9SCL-F and xeon E3-1230 v1 off ebay and purchased 8GB of DDR3 ECC UDIMM and assembled system.

First boot. Takes forever to boot but it gets to the bios eventually. It was sluggish to apply changes which was odd, but I assumed it was just a server motherboard oddity. I changed boot order and video out (video was set to off-board aka pcie but since there is no graphics card in the system I changed it to onboard) and nothing else. Save and reboot, 5 min later nothing. No video out and no power to the keyboard.

Next step was to remove the CMOS battery as well as all pcie cards (1 intel pro 1000 dual and 1 LSI 9211-8i HBA) and hold down power to reset CMOS. Okay, put the battery back in and nothing again, no video and no usb power. Now I'm stuck.

Does anyone have ideas as to what I could try to get this sucker going? I don't see any glaringly obvious issues but I may just be blind.

Is VGA still plugged in when you do this? I've found that enough power can be carried through the VGA cable to keep the CMOS in its current state.

Nope I have to unplug every since cable to turn the case so I can take things out.

No video and no usb power. But you are getting power to other parts of the system, like the fans and LEDs?

fans spin and there are two green leds on the motherboard that are lit, one for ipmi and another that I don't know what its for. I sadly don't have the ipmi information and cannot reset it, as resetting it requires reflashing the ipmi which I obviously cannot get to do without getting into the bios

Okay, then maybe with the battery in, reset the CMOS via the jumper? I'm looking at a manual that says it's JBT1, right next to USB11. I've had good luck with this route taking an active effort in resetting the CMOS, rather than trying to force the issue by draining the power.


Tried it earlier. I just ripped the thing apart and have it sitting out of the case wired up in an attempt to see if maybe it was shorting against something in there. The JBT1 "jumper" is also legitimately just two exposed blobs of metal, not really pins lmfao

Holeeecrap. Well. I guess the next steps are see if the serial console is enabled (you gots a serial cable, right? :expressionless: ), and/or completely unplug it from power, even the PSU, and leave it that way while you have a sit and think about other ways to get into it. Maybe it'll know it's being put in the corner and behave better when you return to it?

Hopefully I have one lying around somewhere... crap

I'm going to leave it unplugged and out of the case overnight since its not posting outside of the case as is right now. If supermicro support can't recommend me any good ideas in the next couple days I might just have to return it and buy a different board. Very annoying considering this was going to be my home ESXI host running both my PfSense install and FreeNas stuffz...