Supermicro hardware/software compatibility


TLDR: Can I install ESXi 7 on this MB ?

I want to make a personal server. I’ve found a good deal for a Supermicro H12DSi-N6 motherboard and two AMD Epyc 7282. What I can’t figure out is if I can install ESXi 7 or not. I’d like to install ESXi 7 first, so I can run a few different OS, like MS Server 2019/2022, Ubuntu server and a few other machines.

From what I’ve seen on the Supermicro site it’s not ‘‘ticked’’ that it can run ESXi 7. That probably means that it’s not verified by Supermicro because it is impossible to run ESXi or it can run ESXi but you are on your own to figure out any hiccups you encounter ?

I would be SHOCKED if you couldn’t. I put $100,000 on it working with no problems

That’s my worry. On the VMware support site when I try to search for the compatible hardware it doesn’t list the MB only the CPUs. On the other hand when I check the minimum specs to install ESXi the system does meet them.

I want to build a tower server for ease of use because I want to run a small workshop so I can learn how to use and get certified on Cisco and FortiNet systems and I want to test and use their hardware.

However this is why I’m asking, does ESXi 7 (let’s call it Vanila, not the custom ISOs like DELL or Lenovo etc) run on most hardware or not?

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