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Supermicro H11SSL-i vs. Gigabyte R271-Z31

Hi all,
I’m currently looking into building/buying a Epyc Rome based server for virtualization in my homelab. CPU will probably be the 7402P.
Originally I was planning to go with the H11SSL-i motherboard from Supermicro with some Supermicro chassis, but after the recent video I’m also considering the Gigabyte R271-Z31.
Does anyone have any experience with Gigabyte server (or maybe even this specific one?). In general I’m happy with the Supermicro servers I have, but the IPMI/WebAdmin is pretty clunky IME, e.g. the Java based KVM. Although the latest gen I have used so far was for an X9 mobo, so I’m not sure how that’s changed in recent times.
Thoughts or other suggestions? Price for both options is pretty much identical, so that’s not really a factor.

I don’t have any experience with either of both boards, but from what I understand the IPMI is coming from the same vendor across the spectrum. AFAIK they are all (more or less modified) versions of the Aspeed IPMI, and those run on HTML5 by now.

Yeah, you seem to be correct.
The official Supermicro documentation for the IPMI somehow doesn’t mention HTML5, but I found some third-party documentation that shows the use of the HTML console.
Also, the chip should be the same (ASpeed AST2500) for both boards, so there should be feature parity for the most part.

I currently have the opportunity to fiddle around with the iPMi on an h11dsi and it is noticeably less clunky then my x9 and x10 Systems.

Html5 ikvm is there too since x10, ast2400*? Line I think.