Superman Game, Can it be Done? (Rumors)

The only real example of a comic book hero adapted well is Batman Arkham series. If you can set aside the fact that PC port was a technical fiasco, in its heart was a well adapted comic hero that respected the source. But it kinda make sense that it would worked now in retrospec because he is after all still just a human being and that relatability is what made gameplay mechanics possible.

However, with Superman, a hero that disregards physics and, who's strength is essentially still uncapped (I don't count Deus-Ex Machina explanation such as DC Rebirths that powered down all super heroes), there is the challenge of communicating that relatability into gameplay mechanics and controller. How are you suppose to communicate the power fantasy and, ultimately, satisfaction into the controller (whether it be MB&K or Joystick)?

There is also the challenge of level design and game engine which is another can of worms. How destructible is the environment and is the engine going to keep up with it? It's the same dilemma that GTA games have with doors, not all doors in those games can be open so they're essentially visual props. I don't consider Crackdown 3's environment destruction method a solution as it requires online internet for cloud compute which for realtime rendering is complete hype marketing only as there's never been a good implementation of cloud compute beyond a.i enhancement. What about the flying mechanics? How fast will he fly? How high will he be able to fly? Or, better questions would be, will a game engine be able to render a world big enough and stream fast enough to convey the grand scope of abilities Superman has?

Superman is too OP. Hell, even The Shadow is too OP. I'd rather see a Doc Savage game.

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I feel like a bigger problem is that is would be like playing any other super hero game expect on god mode. Superman really isnt that strong but compared to villains of earth he is basically god. Superman only ever had trouble with batman who used kryptonite doomsday Mongul and a few others. I mean it just wouldnt be any fun. You could walk thur all the henchmen get right to the boss. It would be really boring

It would work, but it won't last long. if there's 2 games that would be nice to have it would be a Teen Titan's Game. and a Wonderwoman game. it would get all the feminists all riled up and the men who feel like Wonderwoman doesn't get enough credit for being great will love to play it.

Wow, I just found this in my BookFace feed. Speak of the Devil!

Well, the concept art leaks showed Brainiac and Doomsday both of which are very formidable foe. And I don't like the idea of regular Earth Villians as that would involve cliched nerfing by Kryptonite or his love ones being kidnapped.

Please don't be New 52 Superman, please don't...

Also, people saying Superman is too OPed, you heard of Flash, this guy could easily beat Superman.

Even if they made it I wouldn't play it. I hate superman. The idea of him is dumb to me. He's far to over powered to the point that it seems pointless.

But I think the point is if there are only two people in the entire game who can do anything to you what's the point. Batman still can only take so much. Green arrow is still a normal guy. Hell even dead pool needs time to regrow body parts.


They could also add Black Adams since Superman is vunerable to magic. I think magic and biological weapon would be far more interest plot wise and gameplay mechanics wise than cliched Kryptonite. If they absolutely have to get Kryptonite in the a game there are other types of it with their own effects. I refer to biological weapon because there was a comic book issue of Superman getting mind controlled by Poison Ivy using her plants.

I agree with you but that game would just be boss fights. Like the game would be 30 mins long.
The only thing I could see happening is if you have ever watched the justice league there are a few episodes where superman is put in the future and he has no powers and he like he mans it thur the waste land that is earth. That would be cool but its not really superman at that point.

its called Hereafter if you want to look it up

So basically a game where you can't be killed, can win any fight when ever you like, even in the first second and you are supposed to use this unlimited unstoppable power for good. Seems like a very boring game.