Superlux 668B, 681 and 681 EVO headphones

 Aight, so I've heard alot of good things about 668Bs, however 681s and 668Bs tend to have really sharp highs. 681 EVOs are the newer model of 681s and they say that sharp highs have been fixed in these ones. I was about to buy 668Bs, but I started to consider 681 EVOs aswell, as highs are not so bad in them. Any opinions? Which ones are better 668Bs or the newer 681 EVOs?

headphones are super subjective but maybe you can read the reviews and make a decision off that. or go somewhere where you can try them.

I only have had the 681 evo and sadly they are built terribly. After one month the neckband broke and in a few weeks the right can broke.

Just got my 681Bs this morning (for like 20€, all of my wins), they sound incredible for the price. They'd still be legit if I paid five times the price. The highs are sharp no doubt, but personally I like it, they're crisp, but it's not like they'll rip your tympans apart, imho there's nothing to "fix" here, and nothing to keep you away unless you already know you don't like/need sharp highs. A friend told me 681Fs have no spikes on them, but I can't be sure. In fact I'm even considering buying another slighlty different model just out of curiosity, they're that good and that cheap.