Super low CPU temps? are they right?

hello, i have an fx-6300 @ 4.0 Ghz on stock cooler, the idle temps are 3-5C, i fairly sure this is not right but was wondering if i have a faulty temp senser, also when i feel how hot the heatsink is, it feels around 20-ish.. and at full load max iv gotten is 56C..

just need a bit of help, thanks


btw useing core temp to mesure all cores

no. the amd temp sensors are not accurate. they measure socket temp, not the temp of the cpu. 4.0 on the stock is probably running fairly hot, and you should get a heatsink like the hyper 212...

Oh the stupid temp reading of FX CPU's.... is'nt it a blessing.


Had a twat before telling me he idles at 15c....and hit's 30c under load with his 8350...



ah i see, is there anyway to accuratly read the temps?

also i just touched my heatsink and its fairly cool to the touch


mine fx 4100 is same . . . here is picture

Yeah, it is a false reading, it is impossible to be sub ambient on Air/Water.

Unless your room temp is some like 7c as Recon said its not possible.

so does the sensor every give a good reading? i would say my room temp is 10-12c most of the time

Your best bet would be to install separate temperature probes into your system. 

FX6300 4.0 ghz with stock cooler on fullload 56 C isnt realy that bad  idle i think it must be 35 C isnt bad either for a clocked cpu, with a stock cooler..

70C is critical, so i dont seem whats wrong with it?


Just use 40 fans on a dual rad and bring the ambient temps down. Life hack +1