Super high download speeds?

Think you have fast Internet? Think again..

These are in no way edited and I think may be slightly off, but I can dream...
(seriously though, I usually only get like, 600 kb/s)

Takes me 5 mins to download 15 gb. It would be faster but my hard drive is what limits it.

How many thousand dollars does that cost a month?

Only about $80,000. its gigabit for 80 bucks. Century link is my isp.

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Over here in Australia, 5Mbps is apparently the average. According to, our internet is in the top 49%. WE HAVE FASTER INTERNET THAN MOST PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA.
('bout 6Mbps)

How much do you pay for 6 Mbps?

Well, my dad does but I think it's about $60 a month (~$40 USD)


In here Finland I pay 20€ per month for 75mbps and I get TV channels and 100Gb of space to record my TV shows.

Feels good to be an american! AMERICA FUCK YEA! Well only parts of it that are lucky to not be fucked by evil isp's.

Actually, there's this little thing in America called the "Freedom Act" which basically means that all your ISP's are now directly part of the NSA’s bulk collection program. There's also a loophole that allows the NSA direct access to all ISP Data through their Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court without a Warrant.


i have 200Mb
I realy hope that fiber will be availeble soon uphere.
But i suppose since i not life in an ordinary house, im probably in bad luck lol.

Fuck yea? D:

31$ for 50Mbit ,TV and phone. Ayyy. (Serbia)

9 euro/ 10 USD for 100/100 with puplic IP
15 USD for my phone 4G/lte fastes dl 93 mbit/s 16gb data incl.


Meanwhile a Japanese 12 year old could DDOS you all to death simultaneously.


$64.99 for 150Mbps as part of a special 2 year promotion... After that, it'll go up to $99 I think.

I don't even have TV or phone service included in that price...