Super bad YouTube performance (Core 2 Duo)

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Sl410 laptop that I got for cheap off eBay and refurbished for work and school. I upgraded the CPU to a Core 2 Duo T9600 and RAM to 8GB DDR3. It has a WD Blue 1TB HDD. I dual boot Win 7 Pro 64-bit and Linux Mint 17.3. In both OS's on both Chrome and FireFox, Youtube performance is extremely shuddery. I get constant freezes and stuttering on 720P and 1080P video, w/ max CPU usage. Sometimes it even stutters in 480P. Running a memtest now, but after 30 minutes it checks out. HDD is brand new and checks out as well. Any idea what's going on?

Is This on both operating systems, and do you have the graphics drivers installed.

At that, what is the GPU?

It's Intel Integrated. Think its Intel 4500M.

Both OS's graphics drivers installed on both.

sounds like your internet isn't good enough or have you gotten the drivers for everything

Theres a youtube player that can help. Haven't used in a while I will look for it after I get back from ortho

Drivers set up correctly, internet connections is 50Mbps +.

Sorry man I totally forgot to tell ya! It's called minitube. It's standard on the LXLE distro but t there is a Windows and mac version.
My daughters old emachine EL1300 could no longer play anything on youtube. I put LXLE and still youtube would not work in browser. I tried minitube and it worked great.
There is also youtube-dl a command line youtube player and smtube or something on linux. Just type in "tube" into the software manager and you can check out the reviews.
Oh there is an LXLE review here that I found kinda cool here

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most linux distros come with vlc player try pasting a youtube link using "open network stream" and see what results you get.