Super annoying screen tearing

I recently installed Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 on my main computer. Worked great! I wanted to game, so I installed the proprietary nvidia drivers. Initially, it worked great! Then I noticed horrible, super annoying screen tearing I tried enabling triple buffer, and that didn't work. I tried to force a composition pipeline, etc, and it didn't work. I'm stuck

do you have sync to VBlank enabled and Allow Flipping in your Nvidia x settings.

Yes. Sorry for delayed response.

what nvidia driver do you have installed is it the 355 driver.

352.63. I installed the one that said "tested."

You might want to try the 355 driver its newer and pretty stable I'm running it on mint with out issue. I've heard good things about it from other on the forum as well.

In the "Additional Drivers" app, I don't have 355. I'll do it from the command line, though.

that is the usual preferred way to go about it. Also make sure you purge the old driver completely.

I won't. I forgot to do that on a test machine and I'll just say bad things happened.

It worked! Tearing is still there, but is much less noticeable.

Thats great to hear

Try going into nvidia control panel and set power settings to "maximum performance" over 'adaptive'. This worked for me.

I'd already tried that before. That doesn't work