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Sugon H620-G30 Server

I found and bought a Sugon H620-G30 server on Ebay from a user that apparently works as a data center architect and managed to get his hands on this server directly from said company. It seems the seller actually has direct dealings with Sugon because he’s given me some general information (images and details) regarding their future plans now that the joint venture with AMD has been squashed by the USG.

Regardless, the server has been shipped to me along with an engineering sample AM4 Sugon CPU (based on Ryzen 7). I purchased this because of it’s rarity and I collect AMD-related hardware. I don’t have an immediate use for it but I do plan on eventually using it for CAD and video encoding for my business. I am posting here because I wanted to offer @wendell the opportunity to get his hands on this server if he’d like. Once I can confirm that the server is in good working order, I am willing to let the server be shipped out on loan. The specs are as follows:

2 x Sugon 7185 CPUs (32-cores each)
8 x 2TB Enterprise drives with a MegaRAID controller.
256GB Micron DDR4-2666 (8 x 32GB)
Has a PCIe SFP-compatible NIC of some kind but don’t yet know what kind
I think it has 2 x m.2 drives on the mainboard but I need to confirm this upon receipt

I can’t answer any specific questions about this gear now, but I plan on posting some pictures once I receive it and confirm it to be genuine/working. @wendell, you can contact me here but I don’t know if alerts to my e-mail are working. I will attempt to manually check this forum for messages each day.


I’d be curious to play with that for security reasons.

Sugon is one of the five companies placed on the US blacklist, supposedly over national security concerns.

Your firewall logs might be interesting. :slight_smile:


Indeed. I actually am not running a firewall at home now but on advice from some coworkers I’m looking at acquiring either a Cisco 5506 or a Sonicwall TZ-series unit. I haven’t compared the licensing costs yet but before I plug that server into my LAN I’ll have some form of firewall in place. If you have a recommendation I’d appreciate it.

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Sounds pretty amazeballs tbh, would love a loan and a peek. :smiley:


I sent a message to Stephen at GN as well. I’m not sure the most appropriate way to share my e-mail address here but I’d like to see this hardware get some attention as TBH it’s most likely going to sit as a part of my collection.

I also have a watercooled dual-Epyc 7551 ES CPU build that I’m working on now. Perhaps I could ship both units to you and you could compare them head to head. These are the faster 1.9Ghz base clock ES units running on a Supermicro H11DSi motherboard crammed in one of my SFF prototype computer chassis.


this THIS THIS please

Got the server yesterday. Going to try and ship it out to @wendell this coming week. Don’t know how to embed images (maybe not enough posts yet?). I’ll try to find out and edit this post once I figure it out.