Suggestions on best budget Ryzen 3000 workstation

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Hello good sirs/madams.

I am thinking about replacing my i7-5820K workstation with a Ryzen 3000 workstation. My current rig would then replace my old Bulldozer “server”.
What is the best budget motherboard chipset and CPUfor a budget workstation, the purpose of which is low cost while maintaining performance to do sys-admin workloads (virtualization) and some gaming?

The price on R3000 is kinda high here in Norway, especially the X570 motherboards tend to be 150-200 USD more expensive compared to what I can find in UK and US sites.
As such, I hope to instead opt for X470 at best, but what would be a good alternative?

What motherboard chipset is recommended, other than the X570?
I plan on opting for something like the X470, mainly because of cost, and because I do not think I need PCIe 4, since my research show that even today’s beefiest GPU doesn’t seem to saturate PCIe 3, not even close. So I recon it really isn’t needed until a couple, like three or four, new GPU generations is released, and then only for the really high-end GPUs. I don’t really need super speedy NVMe drives either.

Is there a reason why I should go for 3800X instead of 3700X?
The 3700X costs 80 USD less and uses way less power. Other than the 100 MHZ higher clocks, I don’t really see a difference?

What RAM is good for the R3000? I currently have 64GB and find that this is really necessary for virtualization workloads that I do.

Any suggestions for a case is also appreciated, and I would like a clean looking case with good sound dampening. Low cost is a must as well.

For GPU, I will just re-use my old 1070 from my current rig.

From what I am seeing so far don’t buy the 3800x unless you want to install chip, turn on system, and have higher light load boost clocks. All the Ryzen 3000 series have a top all core boost clock they can achieve. Well in their perspective brackets obviously. X470 I would go with MSI Gaming Pro Carbon for I think it is 180 US Bucks right now. Buildzoid has given it props and it seems to have all the nice stuff you would wnat in a board while not being terribly expensive. If you don’t need the split x8 pcie slots than get you a decent B450 board and save some more dough. 3700x is 65w tdp so b450 should run that it just fine.

I must admit I am unsure what you mean by “install chip”? Overclocking?
The MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON costs around 230 USD here. That is almost as expensive as the MSI X570-A PRO, S-AM4. But I am rather skeptical about the chipset fan on the X570. I hate chipset fans, from previous experiences they have always died on me or made an annoying buzz while in operation…

Sorry I meant cpu. You basically should not have to overclock. I was basically pointing out that they all have a similar ceiling of max all core boost. Basically stick with 3700x is my suggestion unless you have some workload that would be benefit from that one core jumping to 4.4 every once in a while under right conditions. You should prob just go b450 unless you need 2 x8 pcie connections.