Suggestions on a mouse for fps and a keyboard

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I made before a thread looking to upgrade my peripherals, now i'm going to start to save up to get a mouse with mousepad and maybe a keyboard. I'm not an expert on both sides but i looked the Cooler Master Masterkeys Lite L combo for about 60 usd and i really liked but i would like to know for any "budget" or affordable options yet with great quality.

For mouse i'm looking one for fps and some suggestions for a large mousepad (something like the size of the QcK+ Extra Large).

For the keyboard, something that doesnt brake the bank. I really liked the kb of the Cooler Master combo so something along the lines if there's something on the same price point. I'm using at the moment a membrane IBM keyboard that i got from school lol but i found it good for what i do on my computer.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

What I am using may suit your needs.

I have the blue one (a lot more expen$ive).

It is a high quality German mouse for larger hands.

This keyboard uses Kalih red switches and the RGB color is uniform over the whole keyboard.
It is my first mechanical keyboard and it feels great. I did add O-rings.

This arrived today.

Look for my review in "Post what new thing you acquired recently?"
TL;DR = Best. Mousepad. Ever.

If you want a larger mouse pad.

Sorry for the late response. I will have in consideration those suggestions thank you very much :slight_smile:

One question i have is what would be the most important upgrade or which i should spend the most the keyboard or mouse?

I was thinking on:
1) get a good mechanical kb (not too expensive one) and a cheap mouse w/ mousepad
2) stay with my current rubber dome kb and get a better mouse w/ mousepad.

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a good mouse is more important than a good keyboard, but a good mouse isn't necessarily that expensive. i'm going to go into my depth in a future post, its just going to take awhile to type out.

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Get a good mouse first, it will make the most improvement in your game.

A mechanical keyboard improves performance too but they are more about the feeling of the nice switches.

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what to look for in a good gaming mouse?

Most professional players in fps move thier mouse between 30cm and 50cm to do a 360 degree turn. This low mouse sensitivity allows them to be more accurate, but also emphasises certain design features of a mouse. You want an optical mouse with a max speed of at least 4 meters per second. You will be moving your mouse quickly, you will be using a large mousepad, which will probably be cloth, laser sensors perform poorly on cloth at high speeds.

You want a mouse that is shaped ergonomically to be secure in your grip while in the air, because you will be lifting the mouse and repositioning it. This means mice with an ambidextrous shape because you need a surface on both sides where you can grip the side securely, not the tapered side that right handed mice have.

Light mice is highly desirable for 2 reasons. 1. F=MA, meaning the lighter the mouse the faster you'll be moving it, the more reactive it will feel. 2. You will be moving the mouse ALOT, lighter will be less fatiguing.

The logitech gpro is my favorite mouse, the finalmouse scream one would be another excellent choice.

As a side note, max DPI means nothing. The mouse sensor takes in image, and then the mouse attempts to divide that image into equal parts. When a mouse is dividing an image to get 12,000 DPI, it doesn't mean it is more accurate than a mouse dividing an image to get 400 dpi. Its like dividing a pie into multiple pieces. If you try to cut a pie into 100 equal pieces, it doesn't make it more accurate then you trying to cute a pie into 8 equal pieces. In fact, the 8 equal pieces, will probably be closer to each other in size than if you tried to cut a pie into 100 pieces where some pieces might actually be more than twice as big as other pieces. The same problem happens with DPI with mice, where if you set the DPI too high, the consistency is completely horrible because the sensor is cutting the image way more times than it is capable of doing accurately. Meaning a lower dpi can make a more consistent tracking experience which is better for muscle memory, which is why it is very common for highly skilled players to userelatively low DPI, often below 2,000 DPI.

This guy is a good reference for mice

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Cougar has thought of that and they make many mousies to suit most gamers.

(I couldn't find their picture, so I made one)
Note how the sides taper down to form a good lifting grip. I can verify that the texture on the side feels good and works well. My previous RAT mouse was very light, because it was cheaply made. While my Cougar is by no means heavy, it feels solid. Unbreakable. Comfortable.

yeah, a lot of mice have that design. Something to look for.

looking at Cougar's site, I don't see a lightweight mouse with a good sensor. It doesn't specify whether the weight is with or without the cable, but given the 600M is advertised as 85g, which would be insane if it included the cable, i would bet they all exclude cable in the weight. Right around 100-110g is what i would call average weight for a mouse not including the cable, and ideally, you want a bit below average, like 95g or lower. Cougar Revenger and the 550M stand out as the two mice with good sensors in their lineup and both are 115g, so a decent amount heavier than average. The two mice i suggested, the Logitech gPRO and Finalmouse Scream One, are 83g and 76g respectively.

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I agree that my 550M mouse is a little heavy.

I thought that would be an issue, but it's not. I went from a very light mouse to a slightly heavy one and somehow it just feels right in MY hand. I think you may be a little too obsessed with reading specs down to the gram. :wink: /s

In the Real World, grams don't matter to most people that much. Light weight is a definite advantage to a competitive gamer that plays for hours each day. I do Photoshop all day and a larger, comfortable, more stable gaming mouse is my preference. With mice it is more important to try one to see what you like. Maybe the OP likes heavy mice, but doesn't know it yet?

That Logitech gPRO seems like a great mouse.
I fell in love with the blue Cougar because it looks cool. I got lucky that it happens to work great also.

we aren't talking about a couple grams, its over 30 grams difference. And yeah, its not like a 115 gram mouse is game breaking. But in general, low weight it desirable at high levels, so i would recommend a lighter than average mouse, not a heavier than average mouse.

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Thanks for the replies guys, i think i'm going to invest on a better mouse and mat in this moment and get a cheap keyboard either one of those cheap mechanical kb. I also know the channel Rocket Jump Ninja, excelent reviews imo it's my go to channel for peripheral reviews atm. Will check also videos for the mice that some of you mentioned in this thread :slight_smile:

Some options i was looking too are: Steelseries Rival 100 and Fnatic Flick and Corsair Harpoon.

for a good mouse on a budget, i'd recommend the g302