Suggestions For Thermal Compound

Hi guys

        I would like to know what is the best choice or compatible thermal compound for CPU cooler

"Phanteks PH-TC12DX 68.5 CFM CPU Cooler"




Doesn't really matter that much. Just make sure the brand is known really: Noctua, Arctic, Akasa, Cooler master etc. It is really hard to go wrong on thermal compound.

Basically what dRocketHobo said, once you're spending $3 for a quarter of an ounce, they all work about as well. Although those pastes that claim to have diamond particles in them, they do actually work pretty well. Such as the Antec Formula 7. It's pretty readily available (I can buy it from my local Best Buy) and it works well. Just don't go rubbing it around on the CPU, or it will scratch the heat spreader. Check the Arctic Silver homepage for the thermal paste installation instructions for your CPU, as they have really good ones. Just ignore the part about tinting the CPU and heatsink, as you can't do that. Too much rubbing about.

I use Artic Silver 5 and love it. One thing to be aware of is it takes about 200 hours of use to reach the optimal cooling

I use toothpaste the best thermal compound i ever used!


prolimitech pk 1 is the best

Lip balm...

Just grab some MX-4 

No, it isn't. 


I currently use MX-4, mostly because it was the best reviewed I could get my hands on. I'd LOVE to try out the Tuniq TX-3! Anybody hook me up? XD

Do you by chance have labels for the x-axis of this graph? The y-axis is pretty self-explanatory. I'm assuming that it means the delta of temps from idle to load.

cool thanks a bunch :)

Arctic Silver 5 is electrically conductive, MX-4 is not. Which means if you drop some MX-4 on your motherboard or around the socket, you don't fry your computer.

AS-5 is good stuff

But how aften are you going to do that?

I mean if you put too much on your CPU, and the heatsink squeezes it over the sides.

how often do you mind replacing the stuff? As the chart suggests, you can use toothpaste. But with toothpaste, amongts low-quality thermal compound, it will dry up rather quickly requiring frequent changing. There isn't a huge performance delta. If you don't want to replace it every few months, invest in some higher quality stuff. I'm in favor of MX compound.

*wonders where the intel icore thermal compound under the heat spreader would be on that chart*

exactly  :-/