Suggestions for motherboards that support ECC and TPM with Ryzen / non-HEDT

Hello, new to the forums. This channel and audience seemed like it would be very knowledgeable about this particular bit of knowledge, which is surprisingly niche.

I am looking to build a $2k USD desktop AMD Zen 2 system. It’s purpose is a hybrid between a personal developer workstation, docker/k8s/hyper-v vm’s as need, then also gaming in the off hours. Might use this system for VR in the future, etc.

This system is meant to replace a i7 4770k w/ 24GB/Nvidia 960.

Overclocking, RGB/Glass cases etc do not factor into this system at all. Stability/reliability is more important. Which is where we get around to ECC. I am considering slotting 64GB of ram into this new system. Even at 32GB I feel like ECC starts becoming relevant.

I would like the motherboard price to be $400 or less, as I’m planning to slot a 3700X, but PCIE 4 is important to me long term for nvme. (We’ll see what AMD announces in a few months).

Ok lots of words for the actual ask.

In the X570 ATX space, what Motherboards support ECC and have a good TPM solution?

The reviews I’ve seen online indicate Asus has refused to provide firmware updates to their TPM accessory to fix a critical vulnerability which is just insane. Making them effectively useless. Not sure if the other MFGs are better. I haven’t built a PC in ~16 years so I have no idea where the reputations of the various MFG are and Supermirco’s offerings seem to be non-existent for the AMD space.

The Asus PRIME X570-PRO and the Asus Pro WS X570-ACE seemed attractive until I learned about the TPM issues.

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