Suggestions for in-home cloud gaming setup, ideally video over lan

hi, im planning a build on for a gaming rig i want to stick in the basement and stream both full desktop and gaming to my other devices (mainly to my laptop/s, so hdmi lan extenders alone wont work). this build will be an i5-9600k/rtx2070s and yes, there are existing software solutions like nvidia gamestream used with moonlight as the client which seems to be the best possible option compared to parsec’s meh quality and limited 4:2:0 chroma. steam remote play is another but again, is not so reliable and again quality not spectacular.

i only need in home access to the pc, so the bitrate is not too concerning and i’d prefer quality/performance over conserving bandwidth which all the above mentioned solutions rely on for obvious reasons.

if i understand correctly after digging into this for a while now i should be looking for something like HDBaseT but then comes the problem i’m here asking about, there are so many different options for this and trying to pinpoint which would be ideal for a in-home cloud gaming setup is out of my wheelhouse and most of them i find are hdmi over lan extenders that have hdmi in from the source which connectes to a receiver via lan but only outputs as hdmi. i’ve though of using one of these extenders and then from the receiver using a hdmi-to-usb3.0 converter but tbh this sounds like a recipe for disaster and there has to be a better way of doing this. any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.