Suggestions For Educational Games

Any good suggestions for some educational games out there?

It would be great if I could transcribe my notes into a sort of game, even if it is a simple drag and drop game, I don't care. My one condition is that it has to be free.

They say the Student never stops learning even if he becomes the Master. As the Student becomes the Master, the Master will always be a Student.

Thanks Tekkies!

Educational in what way? What subjects?

I'm looking for some easy to use software that allows me to input my notes, and then configure the info into a game. You could or should call it "Notes to Play" or "Note to Game".

Have I stumbled onto a million dollar idea here, or does it already exist?

I got no clue then

Looks like I have to figure this one out myself.

More links to come with my share of findings:

I don't know about games but I am enjoying learning for fun on

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