Suggestions for campaign/single player FPS games

I'm looking for suggestions for single player military first person games, no sci-fi/futuristic, horror or third-person and I do not like multiplayer.

My favourite ones are Medal Of Honor 2010 and Call of Duty 2, I'm considering buying Modern Warfare 1 & 2, possibly Bad Company 2, so any suggestions similar to those games would be appreciated.

I looked at Half Life 2 but that looks too space alien for my liking, and I'm not sure if ArmA 2 is a good fit from watching YouTube gameplay, ArmA 3 is too expensive. So what is there for single player warfare?

I know you might not like sci-fi much, but the entire half-life series is pretty much the best story campaign you will ever play.

Yeah Half Life is great. Same with the Metro series. 

Other than the titles you mentioned though I can't really think of many else. MW1 had a great campaign. 2 wasnt bad and three was just wut. 

Bad company 1&2 were both really fun. Good mix of action and comedy. 

As for ARMA. Eh.  They are too boring for me. Too realistic. More a simulator than an FPS game. But that is just me 


Yeah, as far as an on rails campaign, Bad Company 2 was pretty decent for a modern military shooter.  The humor is welcome (of course, the main draw to that game was the multi-player).  Battlefield 3 was ok I guess, but way too hand holdy and not nearly as fun or compelling as BC2 (which actually had characters).  If you can venture into more of an open world campaign, then the Stalker series is quite good and has a somewhat compelling story.  It's dystopian near future type stuff though.

Alpha Protocol comes to mind, but it's more of an espionage style RPG...  but there is plenty of combat (but it's 3rd person).  The first half of Crysis is more or less a modern style FPS with a relatively open world campaign.  It goes a bit on rails/Sci-Fi toward the end though.  The Far Cry games are similar (with less sci-fi).  Maybe Spec Ops: The Line?  Though it's 3rd person as well.

Honestly, you're limiting your options greatly with your preferences.  Modern military FPS is probably the most stale and played out genre in gaming.  Everyone's just trying to out Call of Duty Call of Duty, if you know what I mean.

I will absolutely consent that my choices are limiting, but if you don't enjoying studying books on military strategies and advancements in new weaponry being testing, you're probably not going to fully appreciate it. If Art of War is not one of your favourite books, you're not going to get it.

As I said I looked at Half Life and the story is worthless if the gameplay cannot keep my attention. Counter Strike also no appeal to me either.

I think the reason campaign is all I like and find multiplayer to be the futility of the mundane, is as one example, in a military shooter if you carelessly run around everywhere you can move like people do in multiplayer then guaranteed you will die, but for campaign you have to go slow and move along in points and if you succeed in that then you can progress further in the level with an advancement in the bigger picture of the game but only by succeeding in the previous points first.

I tried third person but the camera angles was bothering me from shifting too much to not getting other angles that I would like, having no sense of immersion, I somehow found it a little confining.

Far Cry has never appealed to me because it seems to be a lot of walking and searching, I say "let the onslaught begin". I'm interested in Wolfenstein but not at full price. STALKER looks more like a horror game or sc-fi and would probably quickly lose my interest



metro, it's not sci-fy, it's just the inevitable future, ilurminerty and such

I know you said that Far Cry has never appealed to you, but Far Cry 3 is pretty much what you're asking for. And if you use Ziggy's Mod it becomes even better and more challenging. It's actually ridiculous. It turns a simple FPS into a jungle survival FPS. And the enemies are everywhere.


Medal Of Honor 2010, Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare, Bad Company 2...............military strategies & Sun Tzu? really? 

Sun Tzu would play the Total War games, not a FPS. 

The Only FPS that are going to get you anywhere near what you seem to be after are the ARMA games. 

Take your concept of how multiplayer works with FPS games and go play ARMA........... Your welcome, and warned.

Well all of the call of duty campaigns are good in the blockbuster hollywood like way, so it'll be like an interactive movie but with a challenge if played on veteran. Bad company 2 is the only pc battlefield with a worthy campaign really and it's a shame that BC1 wasn't console exclusive coz that was fun as shit!

Arma is a quite realistic game, not story driven but gameplay driven, where as if you got any games from the Operation flashpoint series then you'd be adding a story/character element.

You shouldn't be worrying about money though considering you are considering buying the 2nd most over priced game in the world.. Call of duty, i like them, but the price is fucked.

Maybe try the new MoH?


You could also try the "brothers in arms" franchise and a game called enemy front (if you can get it to work)

You should like the new and previous Wolfensteins too, and the first crysis.

Spec ops: the line apparently has an awesome story too.

And if you like sniping then the sniper elite series is pretty dece.


Just search "single player shooters" and see what happens..



Oh! And Homefront! that is a good one! and there is a new one coming out soon :D

Some nds like what you want is RTS games. Not FPS. And say what you will about the multiplayer being overly runs and fun with no consequences, I have play a week due enough variety of single player FPS games and you can absolutely run in like a bullet proof terminator soaking up round after round. Multi player may be silly be single player has zero basis in reality for most modern shooters.

Funny you don't like Half Life. I found it one of the most strategic and punishing FPSs when you get something wrong. Not difficult but it will definitely put you down.

Play Hotline Miami, not for the style or story but it has strategy in spades.

stalker is great