Suggest me a good free VPN to use in the UK!

Hi there, it's my first post so please bear with me if I'm doing something wrong. 

I'm looking for a good free VPN to use that retains good connection speed in the UK, preferably one that's easy to install in Ubuntu 14.04! if you need any more information please don't hesitate to ask! 

Thanks in advance!

Good, Free and VPN are three words that do not work together in the same sentence.

Pony up, or shut up 


Have a good day

Yeah sadly a free VPN is just BEGGING for data mining. Those companies have gotta make money somehow...and how do you think the free VPN companies do it? :P Maybe you should host a VPN on your home network if you're just concerned about privacy when you're on the go. I do that and it works well (I use openvpn on pfsense) but if you need a free solution best I can tell you is to use the HTTPS everywhere extension. You just aren't going to get privacy for free. (As many ISPs are showing, half the time you can't even get privacy when you pay them :P)

I have no experience with paid VPNs myself (I never needed one really) so I can't really point you towards anyone specific. Sorry :(

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Unless of course you're saying "You can't get a good VPN for free" in which case they work perfectly :P

There is a OS called clearOS:

You do have to set it up yourself. So there is that.

But once its installed with openvpn:

You can VPN to your hearts content. So if you have a decent old PC lying around you could set up your own vpn either at your place or somewhere else.

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