Suggest Best Linux VPS Hosting

hello everyone, I want to host my website on the web, so please suggest to me the best Linux VPS Hosting Provider, i also searched this on the internet and found many of once, I am very confused is to which one to buy. Please help


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Linode has been around a long time, has meaningful support, and generally does a good job of contributing to the open source community. I highly recommend them.


Depends what you need.

If you don’t want to pay for anything, this seems like the best option currently:

4 arm cores/24G of ram/ split into VMs as you want.

Edit: your best bet is always to set things up in a way that makes your site easy to move from one hosting provider to another.


Wonder how they are able to give us so much RAM for a free VPS?. Amazon is very stingy with there free tier.

If you want super low cost, Vultr will sell you a $3.50/mo server with 512MB RAM whereas $5/mo 1GB RAM is the lowest cost you can usually get elsewhere.

I just tried signing up to that Oracle Cloud link (I want to use the A1 Amperes) - after an hour in chat with 2 different support people I still could not signup AFTER email verification

if you have 5$/month spare, go with Linode (I have smile after last support encounter)

Godaddy does VPS?
I thought they were just a registra…

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Godaddy technically does VPS I guess but I would hardly call them a market leader. They don’t even have a Terraform provider for their service outside of domains.

Anyway Linode and Vultr are my picks.


Thank You, everyone, for the reply, and sorry for the late response, I bought the Linux VPS from Monovm, and one of my friends suggested me this VPS server and really i feel this is very fast as well. and i host my website here. my problem is solved now…

Thank You.


Thanks for this solution!