Suggest Best Linux VPS Hosting

hello everyone, I want to host my website on the web, so please suggest to me the best Linux VPS Hosting Provider, i also searched this on the internet and found many of once, I am very confused is to which one to buy. Please help


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Linode has been around a long time, has meaningful support, and generally does a good job of contributing to the open source community. I highly recommend them.


Depends what you need.

If you don’t want to pay for anything, this seems like the best option currently:

4 arm cores/24G of ram/ split into VMs as you want.

Edit: your best bet is always to set things up in a way that makes your site easy to move from one hosting provider to another.


Wonder how they are able to give us so much RAM for a free VPS?. Amazon is very stingy with there free tier.

If you want super low cost, Vultr will sell you a $3.50/mo server with 512MB RAM whereas $5/mo 1GB RAM is the lowest cost you can usually get elsewhere.

I just tried signing up to that Oracle Cloud link (I want to use the A1 Amperes) - after an hour in chat with 2 different support people I still could not signup AFTER email verification

if you have 5$/month spare, go with Linode (I have smile after last support encounter)

Godaddy does VPS?
I thought they were just a registra…

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Godaddy technically does VPS I guess but I would hardly call them a market leader. They don’t even have a Terraform provider for their service outside of domains.

Anyway Linode and Vultr are my picks.


Thank You, everyone, for the reply, and sorry for the late response, I bought the Linux VPS from Monovm, and one of my friends suggested me this VPS server and really i feel this is very fast as well. and i host my website here. my problem is solved now…

Thank You.


Thanks for this solution!

hetzner is really good

I have been messing with some web dev stuff using a small DigitalOcean VPS instance. Its cheap and easy and reliable. However I am not hosting anything permanently, just throwing the webserver up briefly to do some dev work then tearing it down when finished.

My experience with Cloud based computing always ended up with large bills for “cheap” solutions.

On one occasion, I created a new Linux VM, ran “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” and used up 7/8 of the VM bandwidth allotment for that month.

Today, I run a pair of hosts at home with a dozen VM’s and have a Bluehost web account with unlimited storage for my personal site plus unlimited email addresses. Does what I need it to do and is reasonable in cost. If anything breaks, I can fix it in minutes, or worse case, restore from weekly backups.

I only put in the Cloud what is necessary, the rest is on my home lab.

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With hetzner you get 20TB of bandwidth with all vps’s last time i check you could get a vps for 3.50 Dollars but thats with only ipv6 address . Also the server auctions for dedicated servers is great your could pick up some great deals.
(promise im not a hetzner employee)

Darn, I was going to ask you for the Friends and Family discount code. :wink:

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