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Suggest a replacement for Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Hi, my Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro has suddenly stopped working for the right driver (tried different audio source and different cable) so I am in need of a replacement. I have enjoyed the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro but I can’t help feel my Koss KSC75 overall just sound better. What would people suggest as a replacement? Is there anything out there that would be similar to the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro form factor and feel but sounds more like the Koss KSC75? I don’t have a budget but at the same time don’t want to break the bank.

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Are your beyerdynamics out of warranty? Then you could just RMA them.

If you are willing to tinker, maybe take them apart and see if a wire broke of the jack (beyerdynamic has that problem sometimes, thanks lead-free solder…)

From you looking to replace the Custom Ones, I take you want/need closed back?
Open back headphones (like the KSC75’s) give you wider sound stage, closed back isolates you more (and usually have better bass).

Beyerdynamic is very V-shaped, so elevated bass and treble. The Koss also have elevated treble but also roll off in the bass.
From your post I take you rather have less of a V-shape and more towards neutral?

Last question: Do you have a headphone amp (or DAC with headphone out)?
Some headphones need some power to get the most out of them.

A few general recommendations:

  • Focal Listen Professional - Neutral, closed back, not Focal’s finnest, does not break the bank though, no amp needed

  • AKG K702 - Wide soundstage, open back, needs an amp

  • Sennheiser HD600 - Neutral, open back, amp needed

  • AudioTechnica ATH-R70x - AudioTechnicas take on the HD600 :slight_smile:

  • AKG K371 - Neutral with a reduction in treble, has good bass, closed back, no amp required

When you are open to spend money on a DAC/Amp, the Fiio K5 Pro is a very nice unit for the price.

Edit 2: Stay way clear of the AudioTechnica M50x, they are not good and not comfortable


I don’t know all of those but just to add a little:

Those are fantastic for violin, piano, acoustic guitar, female singers. Only tradeoff is the complete lack of bass, deadmau5 isn’t happening on those.

Agreed. The M40x are quite good though. But still uncomfy.

If you can live with uncomfy, the new HD 280 Pro by Sennheiser is a way better set of cans than the AudioTechnica. And they are also way better than the old 280 Pros were. Without a bit of stretching on the headband, it does feel like you’re putting your head in a vice but the upside of that is the amount of isolation. These things are the off switch for the world around you. :stuck_out_tongue:

But what I would advocate for right now is the B&o h6. I bought one half a decade ago or so and they are still amazing. Back then that set of cans was 350+ Euros. You can get these now for 140,- on Amazon and honestly, I have no idea why. I am using my old pair on the go with a bluetooth 5 receiver taped to the side of it and I have a brand new pair still sealed up in storage. They are that good! Very comfy, robust, well rounded and neutral sound, never harsh and no need for a powerful amp.

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Would have to get the 712 Pro’s if you want the same with some bass. The Koss PortaPro still work better for deadmau5 (tested with “nosedive”).

The HD 280 are basically ear-muffs that do music. Have not heared the facelift version.

Try them, they are more than monitors now. Like … WAY more. I just bought a new pair because the house I live in is getting new everything and there is drills and hammers and all sorts of fun stuff going on. So I was prepared for just earmuffs … not anymore.

But if you need a new set, one that you don’t want to live without anymore … the h6, specifically second gen!

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I have had them for many years so yes out of warranty.

I do not have a soldering iron and if I make things worse I won’t have any sound. Would be keen to try this after finding a replacement.

I use these while gaming, watching movies/Youtube. They are just my go to while using the computer. I have used these on flights and long distance travel on occasion which the closed nature helps keep out other sounds but that is not a major issue.

See that is odd as I am finding the bass to be better on the Koss KSC75.

I am unsure what the “V-shape” means (sorry audio isn’t my strong point) but I have just dug my Koss KSC75’s out and really enjoying the sound so perhaps more neutral will suite me better.

No, just using the front headphone port on my computer and sometimes if I am doing long distance travel my phone. Maybe the (presumably) smaller drivers on the Koss KSC75 are easier to drive which is why I am finding audibly the Koss KSC75’s are louder when plugging into the same sound sources so this why I find the sound better?

Thanks, will have a look through these. I assume that those that don’t require an AMP/DAC will perform better when plugged into a AMP/DAC?

Price seems reasonable, might be a good idea to pick it up considering how long I actually spend at the computer.


Fixing stuff until it is broken… That is definetly a concern :wink:

Could be.
I don’t have experience with either, so can be any combination of factors.

There are other options, no need to worry about this too much.
If you decide to go this route, make sure to get a K5Pro, not the wierd docking station thing.

The better the source, the better the performance, obviously.
Many DAC/Amp combinated units allow to use just the DAC or just the AMP for incremental improvements.

“Endgame” is having a seperate DAC (digital to analog converter) and amp, no need to take the plunge all at once.

What @noenken says :slight_smile:

For some more info, take a look here

One option would be a portable dac/amp for the mentioned travel usage.
I have a FiiO E18 that I use whenever I am on a system that isn’t my main. Does a fine job, even when pushing HD650s.

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Thanks, I ended up going with these and so far I like them. I think I would still have preferred the open sound of open headphones but these are nice and give me something I can use while I consider another pair at a later date.

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