Subversion Server (SVN) on Linux

Hello Teksyndicate forum! I'm trying to switch from an Windows Server to an Linux Server and i need to also have an SVN repository on this, right now Tortoise svn is being used, do you guys have any suggestions on what could i use to manage it? i have done some googling and i'm gonna install apache svn, but is there anything that i can use to manage it through? the only way i see is to go manually through everything everytime i need to add an user or make any changes to the repo or add repos. I was looking at uberSVN but it seems they are shutting down the project since i cannot get an key for it anymore. The base OS will be Fedora Server 23.

Quick question. Do you have to use svn?

Am I right in thinking you want some sort of GUI front end to manage it? You could maybe use trac

@Eden Yes i have, changing to trac would mean an change in a lot of things, i'm aware of trac and what it does so it is an nice solution, but it has a lot of features which are not going to be used and yes i just need something web based gui to manage it. Nothing fancy needed just some user management and some repo management.

@b1gbadwo1f Yes indeed it's an hassle to setup, i'm willing to go in and do everything through the terminal and set it up, the problem here is just managing it, because if anything regarding the repo's need to be changed then i have to do it myself and that's a problem because i have to be around when that needs to be changed.

@b1gbadwo1f Yeah, i've done some more googling and found User Friendly SVN, it seems to be something i could use. Though Redmine is very interesting and i'm going to look into that.

Edit: Thanks a lot for the help guys, it seems that UserFriendlySVN is something i could use. I'll definitely take a look at redmine as well.

Check out Collabnet SVN Edge I use it at work. It's completely Linux compatible and has a nice easy to use web GUI.