Substratum Theory

I want to know what @wendell Thinks about the Experimental Blockchain project called Substratum.

lets be clear, I don’t care about what a SUB coin, is, was, or will be worth. (yes I own some but that’s not what I what to know)

What I want to know is does something like this project have the potential to take over the 2nd layer of the internet? Can we eventually serve our self’s in a decentralized manner with something like this? IE no need for an ISP.

I mostly understand how the project can impact the 3rd layer of the internet buy decentralizing traffic on top of the ISP’s however if it gains mass adoption would it be possible that we could take over entirely?

Off topic: here is a more in depth concept of how Substratum works.

avoid ICO coins, they’re all a mess

obfuscation != decentralisation