Substitute gpu until 9xxx series

i really want to get the new gpu so i think i'm going to save up my money and go ahead and get it whenever it comes out. so my question is this what is a very cheap gpu better than a evga 1 gb 560 ti. for gaming

9xxx cards are being anounced this month i'd just wait it out

Wait it out the 560ti is plenty capable and you'll be burning away at least $150 on a gpu that will beat it by a little why not wait?

yeah you are probably all right, I'm just impatient

dont worry dude..we all are at this point. i been up 4am every night for the past month researching and geeking out about the soon to be released gpu's. 

its driving me crazy how bad i want the successor to my 7950 (not that im eager to get rid of it, enjoying 770 speeds. ^^)


cant wait cant wait cant waittttt!!!!