Sub $800 Future-Proof Build

Hey All,

What do you all think of the build below? I mainly plan to use it for 1440p gaming (getting an x-star monitor), but I also wanted something that would last a long time. With that in mind I tried for 8 cores, and a decent GPU that could crossfire/SLI upgrade in the future.


Thanks for any help!

Here:     Slightly better components. Got a way better power supply for future crossfire. 7950 is a beast for the money can't beat it. Got the 8350 and a better motherboard.

Hi, I would consider a 7950. They are about 60$ cheaper and perform about the same.

Now, the 760 does offer Physx and some other cool features. But the 7950 as a GCN type core; thus it will be able to take advantage of Mantle (a low level, presumably faster API) in the future.

edit: that's like magic tacticallemur...

I made sure to get parts that didn't have mail-in rebates to avoid all that non-sense.

However, I included an in-store pickup only bundle from Microcenter assuming you live in the U.S.

You can find that here:


That price is awesome, unfortunately I am at least 6 hours from any Microcenter. =-/   I may hold off for a good bundle, or save a little longer to get the extra 200 to buy the one suggested in the first post. 

Thanks everyone!

New build for under 800 without the rebates or local pick up.

i don't know anything about kingston predator ram but it's on serious sale. You can run it at lower speed and up the Cas latency. dropped down to the 8320 and the cheapest 990fx board I could find