Stupid Idea: Integrate plan 9 into windows 10 ame (aremis tech cringe idea #9272628)

So what if you the reader actually clicked this topic and expected code and brilliance. That, reader, is when I tell you you will never find that here. Or possibly in any of my threads.

Friends, I want to do something really god damn stupid. What if you took 10 AME, put Plan9 ion it so you could hot drop to the terminal in p9, make passthrough work in p9, and give it all the servers and tools.

Then, on top of that, make them be able to communicate to each other in system, and then over network.

Imagine. You go get a shitty netbook for 20 bucks. Not fast enough. Well, go find some random other computer, install this, and today, it starts taking some of the load of your netbook. Whichever machine is on first is the start of the chain.

I’m not even drunk or high right now I just want that.

Imagine having an atom based netbook from 2008 and you pass through a gpu over the network, not even fucking opening the damn thing, you just have a pc somewhere with like 8 gpu’s in it serving 6 clients or some crazy shit.

Mother fucker I want this so bad

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Oh I know hadoop very well. I used it to make an A render farm out of p4’s and and 9700’s in high school. It has its quirks and bonuses here and there, however it doesn’t allow for bonkers what the fuck levels of computing.

As in, take a netbook, connect to gaming computer, jack gaming computers gpu for your shit for an hour or two.


Are you sure? AFAIK my uni uses that for their Bio-Informatics data processing.

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That’s not what I mean. Read above.

I want hardware passthrough on network level.

Or client level if you’re a cisco kid.

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Passthrough in general is fascinating to me, and I don’t know anything about it aside from what it does conceptually.

Isn’t that where NVMe over fabric is headed?

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Basically I want project ara the super computer

Yup, basically. I’m just like, why isn’t that a thing for like normal desktop processes. L

Yeah, it did take a while for pass through to become a thing without requiring rituals involving goats blood and waving of dead chickens.

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Now make passthrough os just without linux and it’s, quite frankly, rampant bullshit.

I look forward to hearing about your home lab network. Those 100-gigabit transceivers are going to cost a pretty penny.

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Connect how? Is it gonna be some kind of direct connection P2P or based on the ISO/OSI stack?

The feasibility depends also on the type of workload you’re gonna throw at this network of computers. If it’s real time video playback the turnaround times for each frame is gonna be huge and make that impossible. If it’s some kind of non time sensitive computation sure, most of those kind of programs already support clustering.

Nah stuff like that can be local. And osi