Stumped on which FX 8 core to get/overclocking expectations

I'm so torn on what FX to get. I have no clue what to get. I just want to get the highest clock speed I can get with a kraken x60 in this family. Now I can't just buy a 9590 because that seems outrageous and out of budget. So that leaves the 8350/20 and the 9370. Which one will get the highest clocks? I haven't seen that many people overclock the 9370 so I have no clue if it's worth spending the extra $$$ so that is what I need your guy's help and opinion. Oh and one more thing. Are the 8350 "golden chips" still around anymore even with the 9xxx series anymore? 

This is the part that's down to luck; even if the 9000 series FX chips are binned, that doesn't guarantee it'll overclock better than it's 8000 series counter-parts. Unless you're loosing money from not getting the absolute best performance possible, you're going to have to keep performance gains in perspective. The more aggressive the overclock, the less efficient the chip becomes. I see little reason to get anything beyond 8350, and if you're tight on money, or the savings from a 8320 could afford you a better GPU, then I'd go for the 8320. Just my two cents

at this exact moment in the states 9370s can be had for 10 dollars more then the 8350 and 8320s for 135 so I do one of those two. At the normal 250 for the 9370 and like 160 for the 8320 I really like the 8350.

I see that reasoning. I will probably do 8350 then. I was kind of enticed with newegg offering the water cooler on the 9xxx series. Maybe sticking that on a g10 on the 290 :) Do you think this won't be a good value?

Can you show me which stores?

Depends on how you're gaming. If you're going gaming at 1440p or higher, then it could be worth the performance boost. If you're just doing 1080p gaming, well then the stock 290 alone is overkill, much less the OC headroom water-cooling would afford it.

I'm definitely gaming at 1440p so... Yeah I think I'll just use a separate 120mm rad rather than the included one. considering the $50 dollar difference between the two processors doesn't justify if luck seems to factor in on both and an asetek water cooler is $50.





Im not sure if the 9370 sale is still going on. the description makes it sound like it ended yesterday but I can add it to the cart and it says 23 hours left to get it at 209.

Thank you sir. I think I'll get the 9370 now :) I owe you one.

Make sure your motherboard can handle it though.

Yeah I'm thinking the Crosshair V Formula. From what I can tell it will handle a lot.

I have the Crosshair V Formula-Z, still figuring out what all it does, but looking at the specs it is like the Sabertooth but with more extras. If someone else knows more about the differences I would like to know.