Stuck on "Stopping Samba Auto-reload integration" on boot on Linux Mint

EDIT: So I ended up getting in over my head in attempt to fix it, so I just reinstalled. It looks like the unexpected shutdown caused files to become corrupt. Oops.

I was trying to launch a game in Dolphin Emulator, and the pc ended up freezing. I did control-alt-f1 then cntrl-alt-f7 to return back to the desktop, and was greeted by a black screen. Not a big deal, this has happened before, so I just power off my computer (with the reset button).

But now I can't boot correctly. When Mint starts, I am shown a terminal, and it gets stuck on "Stopping Samba Auto-Reload Integration". It will just stay there forever.

How do I get it to boot back to the desktop?

I am using Linux Mint (sorry, not sure which version, I think it's the latest)

Did you go messing around with your fstab?

I don't remember. I tried a bunch of things trying to fix it.

Reinstalled now, so everything is good. I just hope to be able to fix it if/when it happens again.

If you read any tutorials telling you to enter stuff in the fstab file..... just becareful and test out your settings once you save the file and mount the partitions/shares. If you don't and then reboot, something like what you experienced happens. I had to learn this the hardway. This may not be related but figured i would through my 2 cents in.