Stuck at First Time Setup: installing Microsoft DirectX for Windows

hi fellow pengiun gamers (:

i have a real problem :frowning: i installed my first game on linux steam.
(battlebits remasterd) worked well but i refunded.
i had to reinstall now i tried insurgency sandstrom.
but its stuck at: “First Time Setup: installing Microsoft DirectX for Windows” for hours.
(yesterday it was stuck for like 6 hours +). i read that deleting “~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/” should help.
Sadly today its stuck again since about 3 hours now :frowning:

anyone now how to fix that ?

with kind regards

What version of Proton are you using in steam. You may need to check protondb to see if there is a specific version that works.

Barring that, check WineHQ to see if there is a specific version of wine that works. Them you can use wineticks to install it and then add it as a non-steam game to the steam game launcher.

thank you for the reply,

sadly it is not game specific.
i have it with every single game which requires direct x at first time start.
somehow i got insurgency sandstorm to run after countless hours of verifying game files deleting comp data and switching proton versions.
Since than i kinda found a workaround.
I start 3DMark which after a while loops the Direct X install script.
Than i go into big picture and start another game. Somehow that way it skips direct x install script.

After a game has rune once it mostly starts fine afterwards.

it is really strange :frowning:
And since there is not game launch i cant get proton logs :confused:

I’ve heard that you can work around this by deleting the installscript.vdf file in the game’s root folder. Right click the game > Manage > Browse Local Files > find installscript.vdf and delete it, and then relaunch the game. However, the last time I saw this verified was 2017, and I’ve seen comments that it no longer works in 2020. Anecdotally, it appears to be working for me in 2023 on Linux with Hob and Batman Arkham City, which didn’t attempt to install DirectX after renaming installscript.vdf, and did after renaming it back again to installscript.vdf in the case of Arkham City, and I didn’t bother testing Hob further. Both should be expected to perform the first time setup, as I haven’t run them on this machine before.

If you’re using SteamOS or a SteamOS derivative, you may need to do this from desktop mode. You can launch steam in desktop mode by opening a terminal, typing steam-runtime, and hitting enter, or by searching the software menu for Steam or Steam runtime and running it from there.

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thank you (:
that is a tip i did not read before.
i am on nobara (a fedora fork) so i am on a desktop environment natively :smiley: