Streamlink-twitch-gui won't launch streams

So streamlink-twitch-gui is a program that lets viewers use VLC or other local media player to watch twitch streams. My big issue is for some reason I can’t get the streams to launch despite having up-to-date python and having followed all instructions on wiki to the T. All I see when trying to load stream is a preparing please wait that quickly goes away then nothing. Any help on this one guys?

And you also have streamlink installed? streamlink-twitch-gui is just a frontend for streamlink/ex livestreamer afterall.
Run STG from a terminal, will show you what’s going on.

Unexpected version check output. From what I’ve read online that has to do with python which is up-to-date on my system and streamlink has been installed through the PPA on the streamlink website (See here:

Damn forgot to look into this, soz. Still not working?

unfortunately no