Streaming with OBS Studio

So I decided I kinda want to try streaming some games a little bit. Maybe to YouTube and Twitch, not simultaneously, so i figured I'd give OBS a try.

To be honest I'm not having very good luck. Either my streams are horrible quality, not full screen, bad framerates, ect....

So does anyone have any good advice on settings for streaming with OBS or tutorials? I found a few but I'd figure I'd go to the community first.

I have a 5930K and two R9 390s as well as a 500/500 internet connection. So I think I have the hardware but OBS isn't exactly the most intuitive and I've not been having good luck lol.

I'd like to stream at 1080p but if that isn't possible all good. I could care less about having my webcam in there. It is potato quality anyway and I don't wear low cut tops so no need.

Thanks in advance.

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One second, let me find a tutorial I know about

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You will need to fiddle around a little with it because every pc is different. That being said this is an older tutorial so if things have changed just ask.

Plus the voice is super chill.

Thanks guys. I'll check these out.

Was mostly curious about the one setting that allows the encoding to be done on the GPU?

heres my settings for the LAN (tech show)

And all you need to do is to up the bitrate to get better quality. Twitch likes 2500 to 3500, Youtube is pretty much open to any settings.

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OBS does not like multi gpu setups.

You're gonna have to run without crossfire.

Also, i'd recommend at 1280x720, between 2500 to 3000 bitrate, using x264 encoding. At 30fps.

If you are not partnered, you are limited to a maximum bitrate of 3500kbps, and 1080p streams are shit at such low bitrate.

I temporarily give up on obs it doesnt work for recording . I get crap videos and poor fps. On my amd rig with the vcs fork thingie. I ended up using from inside rapter ap seems to get better performance which is all i need atm for the vid im making for a contest


partnered with Twitch
over certain amount of viewers per video and subs and you can partner w/ Twitch and get nicer things

what is your cpu usage. if it is low enough than set your cpu preset higher.

shit wrong person lol

Oh, so it's similar to the YouTube Partner program.

like 2% when doing the lan

but gaming sits around 5-60% usually
i could put it higher but mehhhh

try raising it and see the differnce

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Low cut tops lol! Thanks for the laugh Krieger.


not really an answer to this question but you can try twitch.

did you read the thread


This post literally makes no sense.

you said you would like to stream games, is twitch not a game streaming service?