Streaming Problems. HALP!

Greetings, I just bough an i7 3770k and I was playing BF3 and the game was running flawlessly and I felt like streaming it so I did so. The problem is the FPS drops to 30-40fps which for me is unplayable and then there's terrible microstuttering. I use OBS and I don't know what the problem is. My i7 is oc to 4.4ghz if that helps. Hopefully you can help, cheers.

Go to the Open Broadcasters website ( I am assuming thats what OBS stands for) and on the website answer the questions and it will give her recommended settings. And maybe lower your bitrate that will help it too and look to see what the speed is well its hard to explain but the it says veryfast and it gives you choices of what you can get choose a speed that works and keep tweeking with it until you get it to where its ok and also 30-40 Fps is not that bad but this should help you with that because i was running into the same problem except I kept track of my FPS I just kept tweeking it until I was able to play skyrim without lag.

her is you* BTW my bad

I already tried 720p @30fps on very fast and it still wasn't working properly it's not that the FPS is too low it's the fact that the micro stuttering makes it feel worse than 30.

Just keep tweeking it until it goes good for you and check out their website it has recommendation settings for you and try those. you just have to keep messing with it until it works for you and do some mental thinking and problem solving.