Strategy: Nope

Report from a place nobody should care about from a person nobody should listen to:
-I am so done with this
-leave me alone if you got nothing better than yet another youtube video explaining something that I do not care about (cats, fails and memes are fine)
-Nope off mate!

And now for the real deal:
After somehow semi-surviving the "Logan´s Ex: Community Devided" or "Tekkxit" or "Shit went downhill for too long, then turned thermo-nuclear". I start a new sentence mid sentence to make reading and making sense harder. This place is mostly not the same, except the Lounge, that place is still rock solid. Threads de-rail within the first 100 posts, all the conspiracy theory making uninnformed people from the YouTube comments came over and in generall everything going down hill.
Why is everyone here always getting angry and derailing threads? Can we please stop that?

My solution nobody else should consider reading:
Three steps:
1) Give up! Just let it be! Thread derailed? So what! Let it derail, but make sure to get of it before it hits the wall (or ground for that matter!


This thing needed to much effort, so I declare it dead and abandon it.

3) Very important last step:

That is it! Do not say a single word, let the trolls win before they notice the game started. Just jump out, run away! Nooope the thread, mute it and leave! You won´t see who won, but you did not loose as you did not play, right?
Nobody cares if you leave or not, either you do, then you are gone, or you don´t. If someone asks, answer because that is the polite thing to do, if not: stay silent.

Last words in this: I will not reply when someone is wrong or takes wild guesess. I will put that thread on mute and be done with it! Good day

Could we please keep this thread completly silent? Take it as a book, a paper one. If your favourite and most interesting character dies, you want to shout at the author, but you can not! Take this thread as a book: Read it, think or don´t about it, close it.

So you're suggesting that we stop putting effort into the forums, let anyone post anything they want anywhere they want, and let our community turn into a troll-filled cesspool?

If so, Nope.

That's the spirit!

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i'm fairly sure they mean they're frustrated with the derailment or perceived derailments.

Sarcasm is pretty hard to detect over text. Thus my question about it. lol. Will edit post to clerify.

nono, you're okay. i was just saying the climate change thread apparently got frustrating for them, i think. i think, mind you. they can correct me.