Strangely, I need to INCREASE the delay of my USB Gamepad controller, how do I do that?

So the internet is flooded with gazillions of pages covering how to decrease input lag with our controllers. On the other hand, I need to deliberately increase the input lag of my USB controller in controllable chunks.

It’s for training purposes. When I train vs the CPU, I have perfect input. When I fight online veterans, I find myself slightly delayed with my brain used to perfect inputs. So, to simulate the online conditions, I need to produce a similar input delay when I face the CPU offline.

How do I do that?


Without having checked, I would guess Autohotkey can achieve that.

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If you have an nvidia card, go into nvidia control panel, 3D settings and jack up prerendered frames, see if that helps increase input latency


@MazeFrame @GigaBusterEXE thanks guys… yep nvidia card and I’ll check autohotkey too, I already downloaded it in the past for other reasons !