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Strange Walmart email


Yesterday I have received an email by Walmart that my account information had been changed as requested
Strangely, I do not even recall owning a Walmart account in the first place. I tried logging in using my email to see if my email address was linked to a Walmart account. Surprisingly, I was able to log in with my email after requesting a new password.
The name and the email address in the account profile belong to a completly different person.
I have already contacted Walmart about this issue but I have not received a reply yet.

Any ideas how this could have happend and what to do now ?



I hope you didnt click any links in the email to login to your account.

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No, I haven’t. I was logging in at the official Walmart website

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Then that means that there was a data breach and someone had enough info about you to masquerade as you.



Could be someone used your email to make a bot account to leave fake reviews for the 3rd party sellers like what happens on Amazon.

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Usually they require an activation email, meaning data breach somewhere as Dynamic_Gravity said



I don’t think you do for Walmart. I think they just make you verify the email on the account to change info.

I’ll have to double check.


Just confirmed, no verification for new accounts.

They might only need to call in to tech support to change the password?

Another thing I’ve seen before is with gmail ignoring the period in emails you can receive someone elses email.

There is another person out there with my same first and last name who uses an account without the period sometimes.



Does the same happen with AOL emails ?



Update : Walmart has just replied. They told me that my email was not linked to any Walmart account. I am still able to access the strange account with my email address though.

But thanks for all the replies so far

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Not sure. I havent used aol for decades. It might be time to move on from that account my friend.

You can get an idea of what data might have been breached with that email here

If I were you, I would begin by changing your email password and log into with the email using the forgot password option. Take control of the walmart account. You can call them to have the account closed.