Strange lines in Monitor

Hi Guys,

I've been wanting to use my old TV as a seccond display while I get some money together to replace my monitor with 3 1080 displays. When I plug this TV in with VGA I can output a good display at 1440x900, but if I do the same resolution over HDMI I get green lines (see picture below).

Has this happened to anyone before, is there anyway around it? I'm unable to use VGA for this display.

Does the hdmi input that you are plugging into work with another device?

Are you able to try another hdmi input on the tv? Looks like the ribbon inside the tv is off a little. Also try another cable.

The HDMI cable will output clear display to my main 40" TV 1080p. 

This TV will pick up the HDMI clear at a lower resolution, but I'm after the higher resolution that I know it can display by using a VGA cable.

Another cable makes no difference, the TV only has a single HDMI input.

trouble is 1440x900 is 16:10 and from memory I think hdmi only likes 16:9 ratio.. Memory is a little hazy, need coffee.