Storage Spaces Direct Cluster Creation Error

Hi All,
Figured I would give Storage Spaces Direct a try and see how it all works in a Hyper-V environment before it is deployed at work.
Done a bit of clustering before but this one has left me scratching my head… I have been following the guide on the Microsoft site:

The cluster does not construct with the following command (run as admin and from a AD Administrator account)

New-Cluster -Name cluster1 -Node SSN01T,SSN02T -StaticAddress

and produces the error:

The cluster report gives me almost no guidance haha

Just a simple 2 node config, both of the nodes passed the cluster validation and the report did not come back with any warnings.

I would love if you could throw some ideas my way

Edit: Could the reason be because I am trying to make a cluster inside VM’s?

Where are you in the configuration steps on the doc you provided?

Also, are you creating a scale-out file server?

Yes I do intended to make a scale out cluster :slight_smile:

Currently at step 3.3

I have been following the powershell commands listed on the linked Microsoft site. Here are what I have run so far

First I installed the required programs with the following:

$ServerList = "SSN01T", "SSN02T"
$FeatureList = "Hyper-V", "Failover-Clustering", "Data-Center-Bridging", "RSAT-Clustering-PowerShell", "Hyper-V-PowerShell", "FS-FileServer"

Invoke-Command ($ServerList) {
    Install-WindowsFeature -Name $Using:Featurelist

Then I cleared the disks:

$ServerList = "SSN02T", "SSN01T"

Invoke-Command ($ServerList) {
Get-StoragePool | ? IsPrimordial -eq $false | Set-StoragePool -IsReadOnly:$false -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Get-StoragePool | ? IsPrimordial -eq $false | Get-VirtualDisk | Remove-VirtualDisk -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Get-StoragePool | ? IsPrimordial -eq $false | Remove-StoragePool -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Get-PhysicalDisk | Reset-PhysicalDisk -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Get-Disk | ? Number -ne $null | ? IsBoot -ne $true | ? IsSystem -ne $true | ? PartitionStyle -ne RAW | % {
    $_ | Set-Disk -isoffline:$false
    $_ | Set-Disk -isreadonly:$false
    $_ | Clear-Disk -RemoveData -RemoveOEM -Confirm:$false
    $_ | Set-Disk -isreadonly:$true
    $_ | Set-Disk -isoffline:$true
Get-Disk | Where Number -Ne $Null | Where IsBoot -Ne $True | Where IsSystem -Ne $True | Where PartitionStyle -Eq RAW | Group -NoElement -Property FriendlyName
} | Sort -Property PsComputerName, Count

(formatting is a bit out because of the way the forum handles the code)

Then I tested the cluster config and the html cluster report shows no errors or warnings

Test-Cluster –Node SSN01T, SSN02T –Include "Storage Spaces Direct", "Inventory", "Network", "System Configuration"

And finialy the error is produced at this stage, making the cluster

New-Cluster -Name cluster1 -Node SSN01T,SSN02T -StaticAddress

I haven’t gone through all this specific literature… but when I was thinking about doing this I was required to have a 3rd physical server to perform the quorum function and act as a witness for data replication.

Does this setup no longer require that 3rd server?

From what I understood, it did not need it anymore. The way it was explained to me was in a 2 node configuration it should act like a raid 1 but over the network. Just mirroring the 2 nodes to make a HA software defined storage cluster.
However I could be wrong as this is my first time setting it up