Stock clock higher than advertised?

**I know next to nothing about overclocking**

So, the i5 4670 is advertised as operating at 3.4GHz. I have a non-K 4670, and Open Hardware Monitor (and my BIOS/UEFI) are listing my core (1-4) clock speeds at 3.8GHz.

This seems significant—is it? Did I get lucky and score a good CPU (albeit locked)? Or is this normal? Or are the hardware sensors not working correctly?

CPU shows idle at ~30°C... I'm not sure what other information might be pertinent.

Thanks for your patience!

The turbo core frequency of the 4670 is listed at 3.8Ghz. Intel could've changed the way turbo works on haswell, I honestly have no idea though.

That's turbo, for sure.

Woops... I was looking around in power management, and realized that my minimum processor state was set to 100%.

*smacks forehead with hand*

Okay. Wait, is this Turbo Boost Technology we're talking about? Why was I under the assumption that was for laptops only (other than that I'm an idiot)? Man, I'm looking at the product page on Newegg for the 4670... I just thought you got xGHz, and if it was an "unlocked" CPU, you could overclock it... Feeling like a complete idiot; for a minute there I was thinking I got some gem of a CPU.

Thanks for clearing that up!

You can still manually overclock it, but the multiplier is locked, and makes overclocking severely limited. You might get it to 3.9, if you're lucky.

Leave it on adaptive, and it should retain all of Haswell's power saving features. Though, don't benchmark it with adaptive turned on.

Adaptive being the minimum processor state setting, or is there more to it? What should it be set to, 0%? Is that possible?

Or should I eschew from the custom power management settings altogether and put it back on "Balanced" (which is needed for adaptive, right?)?

Thanks for your patience!