Still need some help! Dual monitor setup problem

So ive got my new monitor today, and till now there some few problems, that i not can get solved.

ive go 2 monitors connected to my gpu, a Samsung syncmaster TN 22 inch as DVI and a 27inch monitor as HDMI, so far so good.  Now the problems starting, wenn i use the Extend Desktop function, the samsung TN is darker colored like normal what normaly should be white is now a bit creamy, not realy white, i allready tried some settings but i can´t get the colors right for some reason, the color from the 27 inch ips are great.  so what could be the problem here?

Second problem: resolutions, i allways used a low resolution on the samsung 1024 x 768, i still wanne use that resolution, but on the 27 inch thats offcours way to low, so i tried some diffrent resolutions on the 27 inch the problem with this is  only a few resolution, getting my whole screen offcourse the 1920 x 1080p but thats a bit to high for me wenn reading text, so i would like to take a resolution thats a bit compaired to the 1024x768 on the smaler screen, so i was trying a resonlution like 1366x768 but the problem here is that i get 2 black bars underneath and above the screen.. i can´t get this  stretched to full screen, the only way to get it full screened, is to use the duplicate desktop option. then it works well. wenn i only boot with the ips on hdmi, i also get those bars at lower res, only resses that i dont get bars are strangely enough 1024 x 768 1280x1024 1440x900 and 1920x1080.

Im affraid there is something wrong with my gpu but i have no idea realy, i tried tons of settings but i still could not find a solution.

GPU: HiS Radeon 7870GHZ

you should be able to adjust the over/under scan of your panels in catalyst. as well as fix the tn color issues using the display color tweaking options. you can also make a custom resolution and adjust the fit to your need. like i need to do on a 240hz 3d tv.

Posted in this thread explaining how to do colour calibration, give it a crack.

Check the color tone option on the monitor as it may be set wrong but dont ever expect the two display to have the same image quality as they are different panels. As for the second problem just use the displays proper realization and just enlarge the text on the screen holding Ctrl and moving the mouse wheel up.

Thanks i missed that thread my bad i gonne read it . ☺

Does this calibration thing also work wenn youve got 2 totaly diffrent monitors / panel types aswel?

Also about the resolutions thingy, i realy need to look deeper into the catalyst settings then probably, i dont have much experiance with dual monitor setups, so every help is realy welcome.

i was affraid thay maybe my gpu wasn´t powerfull enough. but that will be probably not the case then .

The colors on the AH-ips are amazing, played trine 2 and bioshock on the this monitor and with the ambiglow effect, it was very cool.

only the resolution and the yellow tint thingy, on my old monitor are bottering me a bit. ☺

Does this calibration thing also work wenn youve got 2 totaly diffrent monitors / panel types aswel?

Yes it will work on any mix of monitors.  Don't expect them to look absolutely identical though.  This is just a quick and dirty way to get your monitors looking similar.  For most it will be similar enough that they can't tell the difference, for others it'll just not be good enough and they'll need a hardware solution.  I've linked that in the other thread as well now.

yeah thanks i saw that, they don´t have to look identical to me, but the 22 inch TN panel should be back to his normal colors, its a bit yellow tinted at the moment.

well never knew that 2 monitors at one pc could be such a pain in the ass, for some reason it just doesn´t work that great on my gpu. Windows clearly makes a total mess of it, especialy with the extend desktop option. also the black bars in the 27 inch i cant get rid of it, wenn i use the extend mode. it seems that it has something to do with the size and screen diffrence, the 27 inch is offcourse a 16:9 screen, and the samsung TN is a 16:10

Hmm, your monitor may have a setting in it itself that is causing the black bars.  Have a bit of a fiddle with the display/positioning settings and see what you can find. 

Running these ultra low resolutions on a high res display like this is going to look terrible no matter what you do though...  Have you considered increasing the default text size instead?  If you go to control panel - display you can set the display size of everything to be 25 or 50% bigger.

In browsers and windows you can press control on your keyboard and scroll forwards on your mouse to zoom in.  In most browsers you can set the default text size to whatever you want as well.

thnx i will have to look further into the monitor settings but i could not realy find anything, to let me get rid of the black bars at lower res like 1366 x 768, but i think its because my other screen is a 16:10 monitor, in extended mode, it seems like my 27inch is just doesnt like to extend to the 22 inch however, i can use the 1920 x 1080p on my 27 inch if i indeed do some windows settings with text thingy´s. but i allready got an idea, im going to replace the 22 inch anyway, its going to my dad´s pc. and i gonne buy a second philips AH-ips monitor. but this second one will be a 23 inch. 16:9  i think i can get them better working togheter. so i can just do the things what i originaly did on my old 22 inch can do now better on a 23 inch, and the 27 inch as wel, the colors of the philips  are amazing, trine 2 and bioshock just look so great. i will make a picture for the diffrence between the samsung TN vs the philips ips. the difrences in colors is just rediculous. and also the ambiglow and 3D gaming are fun ☺