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Stil Image: A drawing in Music


Warning: This is experimental, not good. I never claimed it was. This track might include sounds certain people are sensitive to or such. I don’t know. It’s nothing to “shock”, just, different.

With that out of the way, hi, i think i’ve finally gone mad.
A few weeks ago, a thought hit me. When someone draws a Picture, you as a “consumer” have infinite time to look at it, think about it and take it in. There is no limitation in terms of time. You have how ever long you want to take from it what you want. Some people might look at it for a second or two and others may study it for days or years.

Music on the other hand is timed. The artist decides what happens when and how fast. You as the audience have no say in that. You aren’t allowed to go into as much detail as you want.

So i started to think, as i’m a musician, how i could come up with something that’s still only sound, but gives you as the listener the option to spend as much or little time with it as you want. I guess, it’s close to ambient music, but that still has “movement” in it. I started to think about creating a singular sound that lasted “forever”, or at least doesn’t change. So you can start listening to it and disect it how ever you want. You can be fed up within seconds without “missing” something or listen to it for hours and find what ever you are searching for.

Since i’m only starting on what might be the journey to my madness, it’s not entirely what i envisioned at first. It’s got “some” movement to it. But that rather “local”. It also slows down over time to give more opportunity to find the details and get ever more granular.

With all that said, i expect no one to actually like it. I personally don’t think it’s pretty or “good” music in any meaning of the way. It’s just the manifestion of a thought that crossed my mind.

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Sorry I’m not very avant-garde



Totally Ok :wink: I didn’t think i was either. Some things just happen. I don’t have any explanantion for all of that.

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If there was more buildup in the beginning, that might just pass as Ambient done on modular Synth.

Mission failed my friend, mission failed.
The human brain likes patterns, patterns are simple, require low effort. Slow is also low effort for the brain, it likes that.

Also: I like experimental synth “music”.
For example, this stuff:

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I guess the point is that there is no buildup. There’s nothing to wait for or such. It just starts and is. Without development. Leaving the listener to decide how much or little they want of it. With a buildup your always waiting for the Drop or relieve or such…



When I was younger and a stoner I probably would have listened to the whole thing trying to grok it. This time I spent about 15 seconds skipping in 5 min sections.

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What you are dexcribing seems more like a modern art exhibit.

A picture, painting, film or song is a peice of art, with emotion, story and description laced throughtout.

Moving picture seems the easiest method for expressing intended themes, but a static picture can be interpreted in many ways, but different people, who project as much onto the art, as they might receive back from it.

Not all art is classical, or deep (I.E. pop)
Nor might it all be appreciated?

I’m not really one for modern art, Per Se like a constant tone, or a simple smell in a room, or a scenario laid out for interpretation, but I can understand how some people get a lot from it…