Sticky Cherry Browns - Ducky Zero

I spilled soda on my ducky and now some of the switches are sticky. Any way to fix without busting out the soldering iron?

Ultrasonic bath


Take this with a grain of salt, I followed a guys recommendation and used hand sanitizer in the keys that were effected. I then let it dry completely before I used it. While unplugged work the hand sanitizer into each key by pressing them until you can feel the keys lose its stickiness. If you can remove the key caps that will help out even better.

Disclaimer, I will not be held liable for any further damages that may or may not occur from this fix.

I believe the caps are soldered. I guess I’ll try this since my other option was to toss it. It’s served me a good 5+ years

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Yeah that’s what I did to my old Corsair K70 Lux RGB it helped for a time but the keyboard ended up letting the smoke out. By way of shorting the micro controllers.

My cat had got on my desk and sprayed my monitor and my keyboard.

Lesson learned, fix your pets.

Or an isoprop alco. The plastic won’t mind ifnits the black ones, its the clear ones that might go a bit more foggy with alcohol.

I have personally used contact cleaner. Sprayed the board and wiped down, took the caps off the switches and made sure some got in the switch, pressed the switches a few times till they felt fully free and let it dry, still all going good.