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Stellaris thread


lets see your exploits and adventures in the wonderful world of stellaris



Haven’t played in a while, but I’ll make sure to snag some wins and post next time.



I have a game going right now I haven’t touched in a while…Got to the endgame and I’m just slowly drowning as the only civilization with a decent military, but I just can’t build up enough armies to do any real damage to the scourge. Basically every victory wipes out about 1/3 of my fleet and I can really only slow their advance. I’m just putting off finishing the game…

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I managed to win the end game on ensign. I built a lot of research planets and colonized very early/often. Lots of teraformed continental worlds but I never did get the tech to fix up toxic or tomb worlds :frowning:

Formed a federation and ended up having to build a gateway near the invasion so I could get my fleet there fast enough.

It would have been impossible if I hadn’t invaded two fallen empires and took over their forges and shipyards too.

But that’s amaaaaaaazing



ive been playing with alot of mods lately as the base game started to bore after the 5th play through.

i have some lewd mods so no pictures.
but i love playing as the endgame crisis stuff and fixing the bad ai, its stupid predictable and if you share a boarder with one and jump in deep into their territory the ai cant decide if to attack or come back and fight you so it flies back and forth till you take enough for it to only want to be on defense.
and strike craft is SUPER broken still as the craft just fly off doing nothing.
gripes over stellaris…

i love the modding scene there’s TONES of stuff and perks and paths to add, some op some not.

current game is a joke about fully automated space communism
armed galaxies w/o gates only worm holes still in early expansion phase

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my current game, on a colossal map size



Lol so then I’m screwed at this point. Both the fallen empires on my map are untouched, and honestly more powerful than me.

I did read that the fallen empires sometimes get involved - but they haven’t yet so I think if they do it will be too late for me.

I also haven’t figured out the gateway tech, so it takes forever to move my fleet. And I’m also being invaded from two sides.

Probably time to start a new game and give it another go.



don’t matter if they’re more powerful. you can get you ass kicked, and then use the wrecks for research